The Financial Trends That Will Reshape the Industry in 2022


The economy and the financial services sector are set to get back to business in 2022. Here are some financial trends to look out for as the industry continues to evolve in a post-pandemic landscape.

Going Digital

In 2022, the number of digital banking users in the United States will grow beyond 200 million. While many young customers have been using digital banking for some time now, the number of older Americans using these tools soared during the pandemic. In fact, 90% of Americans over age 60 used digital banking for the first time during COVID-19.

Everyone in the financial industry should realize that many of their clients will want digital solutions in 2022. Even older clients, who may have resisted these changes in the past, may begin embracing these financial trends from their advisors or agents.

Taking Generation Z Seriously

The oldest members of Gen Z will be turning 30 years old in 2022. That is an age when many professionals begin to see their incomes rise and when they consider marrying or starting a family. It is also worth noting that members of Gen Z have lived through the Great Recession and now a pandemic.

Thus, many commentators believe this generation will be one of the most fiscally conservative since the Silent Generation. You should expect Gen Zs to save more, plan for retirement earlier and invest in their long-term security.

You should expect challenges ahead with this generation. Trends to look for with Gen Z include:

  •             They prefer to get their financial advice from AI bots
  •             They prefer to manage their money digitally

Having a strong social media brand and using video as much as possible will pay off with this age group. Easy explainer videos for newbie investors are a great way to attract the younger customer as well.

Virtual Isn’t Going Away

Finally, in 2022, you will want to learn to live (and embrace!) virtual presentations. Companies and customers continue to see value in virtual - including in financial services.

If you haven’t already, learn to master your chosen video conferencing platforms. Hold virtual client appreciation events, and consider live webinars to engage your existing customers. Ask them to invite their children and grandchildren. (This is a great way to attract the investor of tomorrow.)

Virtual one-on-ones with your existing customers also allow you to meet them where they are and when they’re most comfortable talking with you, which will foster trust in the relationship.

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