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STC is Excited to Share the Highly Anticipated SIE and Qualification Outlines with our Valued Clients

STC is pleased to announce that FINRA filed the content outline and examination specifications for the Securities Industry Essentials (SIE) Examination and qualification exams. The October 12018 effective date of the SIE and representative-level qualiification exams remain unchanged.

You can find the revised outlines by using the link below and clicking on the appropriate exam. 

The SIE Exam Structure
The SIE Exam will consist of 75 multiple choice questions and 10 additional unidentified pretest questions which will not count towards a candidate's score. Each candidate will have one hour and 45 minutes (105 minutes) to complete the exam. The proposed examination fee is $60 and a passing score has not yet been established.
The four sections of the exam are broken down as follows:
Section 1 Knowledge of Capital Markets  - 16% - 12 Questions
Section 2 - Understanding Products and their Risks 44% - 33 Questions
Section 3 - Understanding Trading, Customer Accounts, and Prohibited Acitvities - 31% - 23 Questions
Section 4 - Overview of the Regulatory Framework - 9% - 7 Questions
75 Total Questions                                                                
This content outline is much more comprehensive than the one proposed in 2015 and requires a candidate to have basic securities industry product knowledge as well as an understanding of numerous specific rules and regulations.
One of the main goals of the SIE was to remove the duplicative testing of basic securities industry knowledge from the representative-level qualification examinations. The revised representative-level examinations exams will test a candidates knowledge of the a day-to-day  activates relevant to their job function.
After reviewing the 15-page content outline, STC expects the SIE to be a challenging examination where a candidate will need have an understanding of many different aspects of the securities industry. Regardless, STC is extremely confident its training materials will enable a candidate to pass the examination. We also believe the content in this outline contains information that any professional who is either employed at a financials services firm or who wants to become associated with such firm would benefit from studying.  
STC will have sample training content available in the near future. Please check our website often for updates. In addition, STC welcomes the opportunity to conduct a 30-45 minute presentation on the SIE and what it means for indviduals and firms going forward. Fill out the form to the left to set up your info session.