BREAKING NEWS! The SEC has approved the SIE to launch October 1, 2018.

        The SIE will benefit your                            employees.

Everything you need to know to launch your Financial Services Career! 



Recruiting and finding a job in Finance - How the SIE is changing the game

The most important impending change is that FINRA will be allowing individuals who are not associated with financial firms to take the SIE Exam. Unlike traditional securities exams that require an individual to be an employee of a sponsoring firm, the SIE Exam allows college students and career changers, the two most important sources of new hires, to take the exam without sponsorship. 

However, unlike other FINRA exams, the SIE Exam will not allow an individual to perform a particular function, but will instead serve as a prerequisite for taking additional “top-off” exams in their desired area of expertise. A combination of the SIE Exam plus a top-off exam will be equivalent to the securities exams currently being offered (e.g. Series 6, 7, 57, or 79). 


STC can help you pass the SIE and top-off exams

Our industry-leading materials will reflect FINRA's final outline for the SIE Exam. STC will cover topics such as Capital Markets, Products and their Risks, Trading, Customer Accounts and Prohibited Activites, as well as provide an overview of the regulatory framework. Our Online Practice Exams, On-Demand Lectures, and Online Flashcards will help you prepare for the SIE Exam as efficiently and effectively as possible. You can rely on STC to provide you with all you need to pass the test. 

benefitS OF the SIE


How Can Firms Benefit from the SIE?

  • Ensures new hires are interested in working in the Financial Services Industry.
  • Demonstrates a candidate's ability to pass a securities exam.
  • Saves firms money on exam prep, salary, and the cost of the actual exam. They would only pay for the top-off exam.
  • Educates staff members that do not need to be registered; can be used during the onboarding process to provide staff with base knowledge of the Securities Industry.

How will this exam benefit you? 
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Have questions about the SIE? We have answers!  Access our FAQ.


 How Can Individuals Benefit from the SIE?

  • Sets you apart from other job applicants (you can add this to your resume).
  • Demonstrates your knowledge of the industry.
  • Shows firms you are serious about a career in Financial Services.
  • Proves to firms that you can pass a securities exam (firms like to hire candidates who they predict will be successful).

How will this exam benefit you? 
Watch our informative video. 
Have questions about the SIE? We have answers!  Access our FAQ.

Training Products Details

  • Online Practice Exams: Exams can be taken using our Q&A method, receiving immediate feedback after each question and then in test mode to experience the actual exam.
  • On-Demand Lectures: Provides comprehensive classroom experience that is ready whenever you are. 
  • Online Flashcards: 400 cards available to test yourself, whenever, wherever you have Internet access. 
  • Instructor Hotline: Ask our Instructors any questions you might have on any of our materials.
  • Crunch Time Facts: Get a summary of all the "must-know" facts for each chapter.


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