Discuss the Series 65

Learn About STC’s Series 65
STC has just released a new and updated Series 65 program.This 44th Edition includes:

Study Manual – 15 Chapters
The first nine chapters focus on Laws, Regulations, and Guidelines – with specific emphasis on the Uniform Securities Act. Chapters 10 through 15 focus on Client Investment
Recommendations and Strategies, Economic Factors and Business Information, and also Investment Vehicle Characteristics.

OnDemand Lecture – 15 Chapters
Each of the recordings are presented by chapter and will provide students with insight into how to learn and understand all of the diverse information that’s tested on the Series 65.

Final Exams – 8 Exams
Each of the exams are 140 questions and have a weighting that mirrors the breakdown of the actual exam.

Progress Exams – 4 Exams each with an A and B Series
Each of the exams include 20 questions. Students are prompted to take these exams at four different points during the study process to gauge their understanding of specific chapters. This
product was not available in the previous edition.

For the Series 65, there are roughly 1,500 unique electronic flashcards that can be viewed by chapter, by exam outline, or by key concept.

Crunch Time Facts
The Crunch Time Facts is a culmination of key concepts and it’s become a popular study tool. The Crunch Time Facts are recommended to be reviewed shortly before sitting for the exam.